Chang's NGO Linking the World also had no concrete evidence about its claimed overseas projects

The Independent reports that a senior Trump official Mina Chang has come under fire for embellishing her resume and faking a TIME magazine cover.

Chang is a deputy assistant secretary in the State Department’s Bureau of Conflict and Stability Operations.

Her resume had false claims about graduating from Harvard University and her appointment to a nonexistent position with the United Nations.

Misleading lines in her State Department biography and LinkedIn experience have also surfaced as well as a faked TIME magazine with her face on the cover. A spokesperson for TIME said the cover was “not authentic.”

Chang also reportedly claimed to have testified before Congress and addressed both Republican and Democrat conventions. However, no evidence has been found to prove her claims.

Before being appointed her position with the State Department, Chang was the CEO of her NGO Linking the World from 2010 to 2019. Chang had claimed the NGO built schools in dozens of countries and “impacted” thousands of people.

However, tax filings for the NGO showed “no concrete information about overseas projects” and highlighted only a budget of less than $300,000.

Chang currently earns a six-figure salary as deputy secretary and has a $6 million budget.