The course teaches how to "analyse games, test games, host games, run clubs and organise tournaments"

The Daily Mail reports that a Chinese university is launching a new video gaming course that trains students for eSports.

Shenyang City University, which has its own gaming lab, teaches students how to play, promote and provide commentary for video games.

According to IQ Magazine, the eSports industry is expected to hit $1 billion in 2020.

Li Gang, the deputy chancellor of the university, said the institute was inspired to create the course after Chinese team Invictus Gaming won the world championship of online game ‘League of Legends’ last year.

“The course cultivates not only video game players, but also talent who can analyze games, test games, host games, run clubs and organize tournaments,” Li said.

The course was introduced to the university’s 160 students at the Journalism and Communications College in March.

Female student Tang Ting said she wanted to learn how to play video games at a level matched by her male counterparts.

“My parents don’t support my decision, but I believe I can strike a balance between studying and playing video games,” she said.

Sun Wenyuan, a teacher of the course, said, “it is backed an entire eSports industry which in China has a shortage of 260,000 professionals this year.”