‘The journey of the first ever British Vietnamese play from script to stage

Last year a group of women came together to make history and create the first ever British Vietnamese play to be staged in the UK. Summer Rolls is a never before heard story written by acclaimed actor Tuyen Do (Pah-La, The Great Wave). But how do you become the voice of a community? We’ve created this video series to tell you how we did it.
Part One: Developing the Play
How did Tuyen begin writing Summer Rolls? And what do you do once you’ve got your first draft? Director Kristine Landon-Smith and dramaturg Sudha Bhuchar offer some guidance.
Part Two: Producing
Tuyen had a play, but how do you bring that play into a theatre? How do you find people to make it? The solution: get a producer like Tuyet Van Huynh.
Part Three: Creating the image
You’ve got a play. You’ve got a producer. You’ve got a theatre. Now it’s time to tell the world. All you need is a superstar graphic designer to create the perfect image and so we found Emilie Chen.
BONUS: Meet the cast
We are so close to our first night in front of an audience. Here’s what our wonderful cast have to say about being in the first ever British Vietnamese play.
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