"Young heroes and older heroes; immigrants and US-born; folks with family origins from all over Asia"

Marvel Comics writer Greg Pak has talked about the Asian and Asian American superheroes featured in new comics

In an interview with Melancholy Ball, Greg Pak discussed Asian superheroes in upcoming Marvel comic books.

When asked about ‘War Of The Realms,’ Pak said the series involves Thor villains attack earth. He described it as a “big super hero action with over-the-top fantasy elements featuring Amadeus Cho and a huge, fun, pan-Asian group of super heroes.”

Reflecting on ‘Totally Awesome Hulk’, Pak said the comics featured “a bunch of Asian American super heroes saving New York from an alien invasion, was the diversity within the group. Young heroes and older heroes; immigrants and US-born; folks with family origins from all over Asia.”

‘New Agents Of Atlas’, which is set after ‘Totally Awesome Hulk’, features a group of Asian American heroes who “will team up with overseas Asian heroes, which gives us even more diversity of experience and greater challenges for Amadeus in holding this team together.”

When asked about what powers Pak wanted the new characters to have, he replied, “from the beginning, I knew I wanted to feature Amadeus Cho, who’s now in his slightly slimmer but still Hulk-like Brawn form, along with Shang-Chi, Silk, Jimmy Woo, and Kamala Khan, our big heroes from the Protectors storyline.”

“And then there were certain new characters that my editors were really hoping I could incorporate — like Luna Snow and Crescent and Io, original Korean superheroes created for the Marvel Future Fight game, and Aero and Sword Master, original Chinese super heroes created with NetEase for Chinese webcomics.”

Expanding more on Shang-Chi, who will feature in MCU Phase 4, Pak said, “I’m just thrilled to write Shang-Chi as the one and only, undisputed, uncontested Master of Kung Fu in comics. He doesn’t need gadgets — he just heads out there with his bare hands and takes on the biggest, baddest super-villains around. I also love the fact that like Jimmy, Shang-Chi’s a bit older than the rest of the heroes, so he plays a kind of Asian uncle role that the team really needs from time to time. ”

Talking about new Asian characters, Pak said there will be Korean and Chinese characters. “Luna Snow is a K-Pop star turned ice-powered super hero,” he said. “Crescent is a kid taekwondo prodigy who summons a big glowing spirit bear called Io to fight by her side when she dons the magic mask. These characters were created by Marvel Games and the Netmarble Monster team for the Future Fight game globally — they’re appearing for the first time in comics in WAR OF THE REALMS: NEW AGENTS OF ATLAS #1!”

“Sword Master and Aero are new Marvel heroes who were created by amazing Chinese artists and writers for the Chinese market — we’re getting the chance to debut them in American comics for the first time in this series,” Pak continued.

He also revealed that Marvel will be launching ‘Sword Master’ translated from the original Chinese comics.