The man was seen making ape-like gestures at African American customers

A man who shouted racist slurs in a California sushi restaurant was punched in the face

As reported by The Daily Mail, a man who hurled racist insults at a sushi restaurant in California was punched in the face.

At Aburi Premium AYCE Sushi restaurant in Los Angeles on Sunday, the man was told there was a waiting time for seating.

In a video, the man is heard arguing with restaurant employees shouting , “fucking look over there bitch!”

Another man is heard shouting to him, “yo get the fuck out!”

The man who was abusing staff then turned to customers. He reportedly continued swearing and made ape-like gestures to customers.

According to MSN, the man was heard calling an African American customer a “monkey man.”

He then lunges at another customer but an African American woman intervenes and punches him in the face five times.

Customers applaud the woman as the man is kicked out the restaurant.