The smell was mistaken as a suspected gas leak

A university library was evacuated due to the smell of durian

CNN reports that the University of Canberra library was evacuated after mistaking the smell of durian as a gas leak.

In a Facebook post, the library wrote announced it was being evacuated. “We’ve been evacuated!” The post read. “Will post an update when students can re-enter the building.”

Firefighters were called in to investigate the smell, which was presumed to be a gas leak.

“Firefighters have completed a search of the building and located the source of the smell,” the Australian Capital Territory Emergency Services Agency said in a statement. It added that the team carried out “atmospheric monitoring to ensure the area was safe.”

Eventually the library followed up with a post that read, “fortunately the suspected gas leak turned out to be a part of a durian — the offending fruit has now been removed.”

However, people were still reporting that the smell had not gone as the durian was left in the bin. The library reassured students that “the lingering gas-like smell in the building is completely safe – someone left a durian fruit in one of our bins! Very sneaky.”

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