The pair attended the Apex for Youth Inspiration Awards Gala

Gemma Chan and Olivia Munn discussed representation and family at the Apex for Youth Inspiration Awards Gala

WWD reports that Gemma Chan and Olivia Munn have discussed the importance of representation and family.

Both were seen together at the Apex for Youth Inspiration Awards Gala on Wednesday night.

At the event, Chan and Munn were awarded for their contributions to the Asian-American community.

Chan said that there is a “difference between diversity and representation.”

“It’s very important that we realize it’s not just checking a box,” the Crazy Rich Asians star said. “True representation, for me, is when you have stories which are being told by and from the viewpoint of the community in question. And it’s more than just skin deep. It’s about authenticity in that sense.”

Speaking about her mother at the event, Munn said, “The thing about my mom is that she’s always been very blunt and that’s something I’ve always loved because there’s no hidden meaning, it’s always getting to the truth of things. My mom was always scary to us as kids — she was the disciplinarian — and my sister is a badass lawyer and super scary in our family, too,”

“She’s like, ‘You know, your sister and I were talking. We were wondering, when did you become so fearless?’ I was like, ‘What do you mean, mom? You’re pretty scary yourself.’ She’s like, ‘No, no, I know how to scare people — but I don’t think I would have done what you did. I’m so proud that you’re fearless. No matter what I taught you, that’s something that you had in yourself.’” The Predator actress added.

Reflecting on herself, Munn described herself as “never quiet” and is glad that people have been speaking up with the Me Too movement.

“I was smart, because I’m not gonna speak about things publicly — up until 2017, before Me Too, people didn’t even care,” she said, “People didn’t believe women. But privately, I always talked about it. I’ve always been emboldened to speak the truth, that’s something my mom instilled in me. It’s just that now, people are listening.”

In other news, Chan recently defended her role as a white historical figure in Mary Queen Of Scots.