Pak is known for creating an all-Asian Marvel superhero alliance

Marvel’s Universe is adding a Filipina superhero

Rappler reports that Marvel’s next superhero will be a Filipina called Wave, created by comic book writer Greg Pak.

Pak confirmed the news on Twitter, which was first revealed at SXSW. He revealed that Wave will appear for the first time in ‘War Of The Realms: New Agents Of Atlas #1’ in May.

Chinese heroes Aero and Sword Master will also make their Marvel debut.

Wave was shown in a black, aqua, and gold outfit, wielding a crystal sword underwater.

The comic will be drawn by Leinil Yu and colored by Sunny Gho. Artwork is done by Gang-Hyuk Lim.

This is not the first time Marvel has created a Filipino superhero. In June 2008, ‘Invincible Iron Man #2’ debuted Filipino supergroup the Triump Division.

Pak, whose father is Korean-American, is well known for bringing Asians into the limelight through his Marvel comics.

In 2017, Pak created an all-Asian Marvel superhero alliance that featured Amadeus Cho and Ms Marvel. Most recently, Pak reinvented iconic Asian James Bond villain Oddjob into a sexy Korean secret agent.