"Pig's feet - ewwwww!"

The Bachelor is being criticised for mocking Asian food in Singapore

As reported by The Straits Times, US dating show The Bachelor has been called out for mocking Singaporean food and perpetuating Asian stereotypes.

In one episode of The Bachelor’s latest season, the show was shot in Singapore – marking the first time bachelor Colton Underwood left the US.

The women are taken to local markets and Singapore’s signature hawker centres, where the group seemingly were repulsed by the food.

“You guys hungry?” said Underwood. “What is this? Bullfrog?”

“They say frogs taste like chicken,” said one of the women.

“Pig’s feet – ewwwww!” said one woman.

“Wait, will I die?” asked another.

One woman tried eating a fish eye, announcing, “I just ate a fish eye for him!” before making a retching noise.

In one scene, one woman was seen vomiting into a bin, with the next clip showing a Chinese man squatting near the bins.

“To weird food and to you,” Underwood toasted to the women at the end of the episode.

Even though two women of mixed Asian heritage were winners of previous seasons of The Bachelor, the show’s Singaporean episode has been regarded as disrespectful.

On YouTubeThe Bachelor Insider posted a video titled Blooper: The Singapore Cusine Isn’t For Everyone 🤢