"You need something deeper to say"

Ken Jeong has discussed his upcoming stand-up special You Complete Me, Ho.

In a TIME interview, Ken Jeong talked about his upcoming Netflix stand-up special You Complete Me, Ho.

The Asian American comedian was first asked how he felt performing to an audience comprising mostly of Asians.

“The special actively captures the electricity in the room,” Jeong said. “To have a predominantly Asian crowd that night, that doesn’t always happen. There was a loose feel to it. I never have a set order, but I knew where to add certain bits or improvise. What I love about stand-up is that you can just roll with it like jazz and see where it takes you.”

Jeong also said that he wanted his material to be more serious than before.

“I wanted to do something very different from my old stand-up, which was joke-based,” the 49-year-old actor said. “I wanted this to be real. That coincides with today’s stand-up comedy. Comics like Hannah Gadsby or Ali Wong exemplify how you can do deeply personal work in a stand-up format. It wasn’t like that 20 years ago.”

“It’s definitely for the better, because you can only tell so many dick jokes. You need something deeper to say.”

Ken Jeong: You Complete Me, Ho will be released through Netflix on 14 February 2019.

In other news, Jeong recently said he would love to be the first Asian to host the Oscars.