"This instance is but one of many microaggressions"

Virginia Tech has apologized for using domestic Asian students on a promotional flyer for international students.

As reported by WSLS, Virginia Tech has issued an apology to their Asian Pacific Islander community for a mishap on a flyer for international students.

The flyer in question was urging international students to tell the university “what is and is not working well” on campus.

However, instead of featuring international students on the flyer, Virginia Tech used pictures of domestic Asian students.

One student posted about the issue on Twitter, which was quickly spread around the community. Hunter Gresham, an executive director with student affairs at Virginia Tech, issued an official apology.

“I realize my apology does not quickly nor simply erase the hurt and harm I’ve caused, and that this instance is but one of many microaggressions suffered daily by those of underrepresented identities,” Gresham said.

“I also know when it is necessary that I offer an apology,” he continued. “This is, without question, one of those times. I am truly sorry.”

In response, the Asian American Student Union wrote on Facebook, “although Virginia Tech strives to improve diversity and inclusion, incidents such as this diminish any progress made. None of the students pictured are international and, yet, they become the poster-children for international students.”