The service goes up to 500,000 KRW ($443) per day

Korean parents are hiring intimidating ‘uncles’ to protect their children from school bullies.

According to AllKpop, parents in Korea are hiring tough-looking ‘uncles’ to protect their children from school bullying.

A recent report by Chosun Ilbo found that the ‘Uncle Service’ is a growing business.

Three package are offered in the ‘Uncle Service’ – the ‘Uncle Package’, the ‘Evidence Package’, and the ‘Chaperone Package’.

The ‘Uncle Package’ provides an intimidating 30-40 year-old who pretends to be the child’s uncle. The ‘uncle’ will interact directly with the bullies, warning them not to mess with the child. They will also accompany the child to and from school. The package costs 500,000 KRW ($443) per day.

‘Chaperone Package’ is the most costly service being offered. For 2 million KRW (1,772 USD), the ‘uncle’ will visit the bully’s parents workplace, where they will shout “a parent of a bully works here” in front of their buildings. The price includes four visits.

‘Evidence Package’ is the lowest tier, costing 400,000 KRW ($354). The ‘uncle’ will obtain evidence of the child being bullied with mini cameras. After reporting the evidence to the school, the ‘uncle’ will say, “I’ll submit an official complaint to the school board if you guys do not properly investigate the case. We want a clear resolution.”

Although proving popular, some in the education industry are concerned. Professor Kim Yoon Tae of Korea University stated, “private sanction is just another form of violence. School violence needs to be resolved by improving the system.”