"He hasn't been able to speak to us very clearly. Hasn't been able to eat. He hasn't been able to sleep"

A family is seeking justice after a 91-year-old man was attacked in Chicago Chinatown.

As reported by ABC7 Chicago, the family of Yen Jit Wong are looking for justice after the 91-year-old was attacked in Chicago Chinatown.

Wong was beaten up whilst walking in Chinatown last Tuesday. He was admitted into intensive care with bleeding near his brain and a broken collarbone after falling on his face.

One of Wong’s grandsons, Jacky Lau said his grandfather was suffering a great deal in hospital. “He’s gotten a lot weaker today,” Lau said. “He hasn’t been able to speak to us very clearly. Hasn’t been able to eat. He hasn’t been able to sleep.”

Wong’s family said he had just left a restaurant after having lunch with his son. Whilst walking home alone, he was was punched and knocked to the ground.

“Why would somebody assault him? Just for the thrill of it? Or I don’t even know,” said grandson Jeremi Yu.

“He’s one of the nicest men you can meet. Straight up on the street, he would ask if you ate yet. He would say hi. He would go out to you with coffee,” Lau added.

One man has been arrested after a witness alerted a Cook County Sheriff’s deputy. The motive of the attack is unclear.

“My grandfather wasn’t a threat to anybody in the community. He’s 91. He enjoyed taking walks in the community,” said Yu.

“I don’t think anybody like this should be in our community. I don’t think anybody should cause this act of violence in our area, and I think they should be prosecuted to the fullest,” Lau said.