Thurrock International Celebration of Film launches in it’s pilot year

The UK’s TIC Film Festival begins next week

Film festivals seem to crop up in their multitudes nowadays but, TIC Film Festival is one that has an enriching programme with a focus on international diversity. It helps to make visible filmmakers who have suffered from a lack of exposure because of the bravery and daring nature of their art.

The festival, taking place in Grays, Essex for its pilot year, has a key mission in aiming to question and challenge the practice of human rights and freedom of speech.

Within the spectrum are Unseen films and those of low visibility, some censored and some banned. There are also films chosen by marginalized communities and those reflecting special interests.

“There’s a profound responsibility in providing a platform for which these films can be shared and the filmmaker’s expression can be felt. We’re very quick in the West to take for granted our luxuries.

One being freedom of “choice”. “Choice” being a buzzword in the industry but what we have programmed is a selection of work that is a “risk”. “Choices” are safe, but “Risks” are dangerous.

Nobody enjoys watching a safe actor. We’re drawn to actors that have a captivating aura of danger about them. In the same way, we want to provide a festival that celebrates and shares the “Risks” that our filmmakers have committed to in order to express their art,” said Alex Chang, Festival Director.

TIC Film Festival starts on September 6th – 9th and takes place at Thameside Theatre in Grays, easily accessible from London and the South East.

The festival kickstarts with selected screenings of British Produced Diversity Shorts. Other highlights include a series of panel discussions programmed on censorship, queer representation in film and a rare meet with renowned Cambodian actress and writer, Chhon Sina.

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