"Money loving thiefs"

A poster of upcoming film Crazy Rich Asians was vandalised with racist graffiti in Vancouver.

According to a post by Twitter user @jojocake, a Crazy Rich Asians film poster was vandalised with racist graffiti at a bus stop in Vancouver.

“A bus shelter with this poster in an affluent neighbourhood in Vancouver was vandalized with racist comments,” jojocake writes in the tweet. “Extremely upsetting.”

Attached to the tweet, an image is seen with graffiti sprayed on the Crazy Rich Asians film poster. “Pathetic” is sprayed on Henry Golding’s face whilst “stupid chinx” was written on Constance Wu‘s face. Along Wu’s arm, someone wrote “money loving thiefs.”

In a follow up tweet, jojocake said that the graffiti could be in response to the local housing crisis.

“Honestly, I’m a little embarrassed my tweet got as much traction as it did,” the Twitter user wrote. “I should have provided more context re: the housing crisis and the sentiment towards foreign investors. In neglecting to do so, people are assuming they’re driven simply by the movie staring Asian actors.”

Crazy Rich AsiansJon M Chu director  responded to the post by tweeting, “Nothing will shake us. Sorry. We still here.”

Other Twitter users expressed their disapproval of the vandalism too. “I live in Vancouver for 5 years and continue to follow the discussions around housing, so I’m sadly aware of some of the factors driving these racist sentiments,” wrote @sallyyelin. “People are angry, and vandalizing a movie poster is a quick release, even if it doesn’t fix anything at all.

“Yeah, I was going to support this movie out of solidarity, but now I guess I’ll see it out of spite,” wrote @amandawtwong.

In related news, Constance Wu recently tweeted about the “historic” representation of Asian Americans on screen in anticipation of Crazy Rich Asians’ release.

Crazy Rich Asians will be released on 15 August and is one of the five films featuring Asians we’re recommending this month.