"They’re afraid these people are going to date their children

Eddie Huang has said that Americans are not seeing immigration issues objectively.

In an interview with National Public Radio stationFresh Off The Boat writer Eddie Huang discussed misconceptions about immigration into America.

Huang said Americans are being told a narrative that does not accurately reflect immigrants.

“I think Americans are having trouble seeing the immigration issue objectively and with clear eyes when it’s in our backyard,” Huang said.

“They’re being told ‘these people coming in are going to take their jobs’ ― which is not true,” he added. “And they’re afraid these people are going to date their children and become part their families and erode their values and continue the dispossession of whites in America.”

Huang is also working on a “semi-autobiographical” debut film. 

“It’s about a kid who has all the best intentions, all the ability in the world, but he has to learn to, like, live to fight another day,” Huang said in an interview with Rolling Stone.

Hollywood has taught Huang a tough lesson, which he will incorporate into the character. “Just cause you’re right, just because you got talent doesn’t mean everything’s going to go your way,”Huang says. “You have to sacrifice, you have to compromise, and then you have to pick your battles. And when you pick them, you better win them.”