The 'Anaconda' singer wore an Asian-inspired outfit resembling a kimono

Nicki Minaj has been accused of cultural appropriation for her performance of ‘Chun Li’ on Saturday Night Live.

Trinidadian-born American singer Nicki Minaj, who debuted her new single ‘Chun Li’ on Saturday Night Live, has been accused of cultural appropriation.

Performing on SNL over the weekend, Minaj wore a shiny dress that resembled a kimono and was seen surrounded by dancers in Asian-inspired outfits in front of an Asian-style pavilion.

The 35-year-old’s new single ‘Chun-Li’ has references to an Asian character from the video game Street Fighter with the same name. The song and performance were supposed to be in keeping with the Street Fighter theme.

Minaj’s performance was criticised by Twitter users for cultural appropriation.

“I wouldn’t care as much about appropriation of Asian culture if Asian culture was represented in American culture by Asian actors more,” one Twitter user wrote. “Instead, it’s used as set dressing (and frequently fetishized). Nicki Minaj’s performance on @nbcsnl is a prime example”.

“Why is no one talking about nicki minaj’s blatant cultural appropriation???” another asked.

One Twitter user tweeted, “So is no one going to call out for cultural appropriation? Last time I checked she wasn’t from any part of Asia…”

However, some supported the singer, stating she was simply inspired by Street Fighter“I’m seeing that people are saying that Nicki Minaj is partaking in cultural appropriation because of chun-li and the music video… chun-li is about a video game character and the music video is alluding to that character. it’s not mimicking a culture. also nicki is part asian”, one user wrote.

Another wrote that people are too sensitive about the issue. “As an Asian American I have no problem with Nicki Minaj’s performance. Everyone is so overly sensitive. Appropriation is a part of art and expression.”