Not everyone is happy though

EA’s upcoming war game Battlefield 5 will allow players to customise their characters through gender and race.

As reported by CNET, EA’s latest iteration in the Battlefield franchise will allow players to be women of colour, including Asian-American.

In Battlefield 5‘s multiplayer, men and women of colour will be selectable for the first time ever. CNET reminds us that people of colour fought for the Allies in WWI including the 442nd regiment of Japanese-Americans. It adds that even a Korean soldier served for the German military at Normandy Beach on D-Day.

The trailer for EA’s highly anticipated war game dropped yesterday.

2016’s Battlefield I allowed players to choose between two main characters in its single player: an African-American soldier from the Harlem Hellfighters fighting for the French or a female Bedouin fighter on the Arabian Peninsula.

However, the option to play as a woman has irked a few social media users. “WE DON’T NEED FEMINISM IN BATTLEFIELD I,” tweeted one user.

Another tweet showed a screenshot with comments including, “Why so many women?”, “Really DICE?? Female soldiers again” and “Why. Are. There. British. Women.”