Yoshitane Yamasaki's son is now 42 years old

A Japanese pensioner has been arrested for keeping his disabled son in a cage for over 20 years.

According to The Independent, 73-year-old Yoshitane Yamasaki has been arrested for keeping his disabled son locked in a cage for over 20 years.

Now 42 years old, Yamasaki’s son was kept in a tiny cage until January. Yamasaki turned himself into officials after revealing his crime whilst seeking nursing care for his wife.

Officials found his son at home, exposed from the waist down, sitting on a toilet sheet for pets inside a cage. The cage was 1 metre in height and was described as “slightly bigger than a coffin”. His son’s back was bent as he could not stand in the cage and he was almost blind due to infections and dirty conditions.

Yamasaki said he bathed and fed his son every other day. He told police that he began locking his son away when he became violent many years ago.

However, the police confirmed that the son had no life-threatening injuries or illness and is currently being cared for by a welfare centre.

Police are investigating why the crime went unreported for so long.