"I look like Michol"

Exo-CBX singer Chen is being criticised for making a ‘racist’ comment on video platform V-live.

According to AllKpop, Exo-CBX singer has been criticised for a racist comment he made during a live stream on Naber’s V-Live.

Exo-CBX had been streaming for their recent comeback when the incident occurred. Whilst fooling around, dark lipstick was being applied to Chen’s lips. Chen then said, “I look like Michol”.

Allkpop explains that Michol is a South Korean fictional cartoon from Dooly the Little Dinosaur that is often criticised for blackface.

Chen also made a comment that was translated in English to “my lips look too plump” but in Korean the comment was “Isn’t this Kunta Kinte?”. According to Allkpop, Kunta Kinte is a character from the novel ‘Roots: The Saga of an American Family’ who was enslaved and taken to America.

Many slammed the singer online, claiming his comments were racist.

“Kpop idols are on a global scale and they need to understand that this sort of thing is not ok,” one comment read. “Imagine if a Western star did their eye makeup a certain way and then compared themselves to a stereotypical Asian character.”

“[Chen] definitely should be called out or at least have people acknowledge that he said that,” another said.

However, many also defended Chen. “i didn’t know comparing your OWN fucking lips to a CARTOON CHARACTER makes you racist,” wrote one person on Twitter.

“It honestly isn’t a Jongdae problem, it’s a South Korean/ Asian problem,” wrote another. “If Jongdae referred himself to Kunta, then I think we should educate them more regarding this issue and ask him to apologize.”

“he did nothing wrong and eries are right beside him, ready to fend off those who try to bring him down, because he deserves the world just like the rest of EXO,” commented another Twitter user.