“Circle is a rite of passage for Asians in New York"

A nightclub in New York that was popular among Asian Americans has shut down.

According to the New York Times, Manhattan’s popular Circle nightclub that was popular among young Asian Americans has shut down.

“In terms of Asian-centric clubs in the U.S., Circle is the most consistent, the longest-running and arguably the most successful,” said Jaeki Cho, producer of Bad Rap – a documentary about Asian American rappers.

Located near Times Square on West 41st Street, Circle was popular among young Korean Americans for 10 years but was unknown among non Asians, the NY Times reports.

Circle shut its doors for the final time on 18 February after drawing in over 3,000 people during the three day weekend. Korean American rapper Dumbfoundead featured over the weekend.

“Circle is a rite of passage for Asians in New York,” said Columbia University student Michelle Choi. “The last weekend, everyone was trying to go and frantically experience it before it closed.”

Promoter for Maru Karaoke Lounge in Koreatown Paul Choi said that Circle was known for its “work hard, party harder” culture, inspired by South Korean nightclubs. Circle had a “huge impact in the Koreatown night life,” Mr. Choi said. “Circle was a place where Asians aren’t a minority and we feel comfortable walking up without fear of getting turned away.”