"They've made massive error by excluding Asian people from the advert"

Nike’s latest advert celebrating London’s diversity is being criticised for excluding Asians.

In the three minute clip, London is proudly shown as a host to athletes, musicians and youngsters from all backgrounds. British tars including Big Shaq, Skepta, Ryan Giggs, Harry Kane, Mo Farah, Alex Iwobi, Diner Asher-Smith, Steph Houghton and more are featured in the advert.

Titled Nothing Beats a Londoner, Nike’s advert was initially described as a “fantastic celebration” of London and its diversity.

However, many were quick to pick up on the irony that large demographics from Asia were left out.

The Metro reports that 1,511,546 south Asians live in London but were not properly represented in Nike’s advert. Although one Asian girl and one east Asian man were briefly seen in the ad, many felt Nike was at fault.

“I’m awaiting a response from Nike about this,” said Akshay Vara on Twitter, “because I think quite frankly, as good as the ad may be, they’ve made massive error by excluding Asian people from the advert. We don’t often kick up a fuss about much, we kinda just get on with things & perhaps we do tend to focus…”

“Check this pile of shit out,”
said BBC Asian Net broadcaster Bobby Friction. “A @Nike advert about London that “represents” a “diverse” city that only has White & Black people in it. NO SOUTH ASIANS! Where the Asian/Brown people at?”

“I rate this Nike advert,” said another user. “It includes everything people are fighting for & more than one woman in it too. Honestly – love it. BUT nobody has highlighted the fact there isn’t an Asian person in it? We’re so concerned with other issues – we’ve forgotten”.

“Nike are happy for Pakistanis to stitch their footballs & for factories in Bangladesh to make their clothes,” said another. “But we aren’t marketable enough to be in this commercial?”