"A visual novel about gay asian girls playing baseball and falling in love."

A new interactive game called ‘Butterfly Soup’ features gay Asian American teens in love and their passion for baseball.

Created by game developer Brianna Lei, ‘Butterfly Soup’ is a short visual novel game about “gay asian girls playing baseball and falling in love”. The game is free to download from Lei’s website and a bonus art PDF containing bonus art work writings from Lei is available for $5.

The Verge reports that ‘Butterfly Soup’ focuses on four Asian American teen girls – Diya, Min-seo, Noelle and Akarsha. The four girls are in their first year of high school during the fall of 2008. Diya is described as quiet and kind hearted whilst her girlfriend Min-seo is short tempered. Noelle is a stressed student and Akarsha is chaotic.

As the novel unfolds, the player experiences the story through each girl’s perspectives. The gamer does not have control over the outcome of the story but provides the player with choices.

‘Butterfly Soup’ is available on PC, Mac and Linux. Click here to download the game.