"The OPod is an inexpensive alternative."

An architect firm in Hong Kong is building 100sqft ‘tube homes’ made from concrete water pipes to combat the city’s high demand for real estate.

According to the 2017 Demographia International Housing Affordability Survey, Hong Kong is the most expensive city to buy a home.

To combat the high demand, James Law, a Hong Kong-based architect, believes that his ‘tube homes’ are the solution, the Business Insider reports.

His tiny 100 square feet micro homes are constructed from concrete water pipes and are fitted with all the standard amenities of a modern home.

One ‘OPod’ measures 100 square feet and features a sofa-bed, shelves, a mini fridge, a microwave, and a bathroom with a shower. Each home will cost $15,000. The average price of a new home in Hong Kong is $1.8 million for a 600-square-foot unit.

According to Law, each pipe weighs 22 tons and do not need to be bolted together when stacked. He imagines his pods to be placed in open spaces such as between buildings or under highways.

“In Hong Kong, many people live in squalid conditions or in partition dwellings as there are extremely high rents, housing costs, and inadequate public housing,” he said. “The OPod is an inexpensive alternative.”

Although currently just a prototype, Law plans to sell the homes soon; his team is currently seeking building permits from the city.