The fast food giant will be known as Jingongmen instead of Maidanglao

McDonald’s is changing its name in China from Maidanglao to Jingongmen.

CNN reports that the US fast-food giant will be changing its name in China from Maidanglao to Jingongmen, which translates to ‘Golden Arches’.

Although in keeping with the McDonald’s iconic logo, customers haven’t welcomed the new name.

“Sounds like a furniture store. Are you sure the food is edible?” asked LEON0221 on Weibo.

Weibo user Magellandechuan criticised the new name for making McDonald’s sound like a state-owned company, saying it was “not fitting for a foreign brand”.

A company spokeswoman told CNN that the name change applies only to the company’s business registration and that restaurants will be branded with the original name.

McDonald’s US parent firm sold most of its business in China and Hong Kong to a Chinese consortium for over $2 billion earlier this year.