"I think, 'I'm gonna die'"

Jackie Chan has discussed one of his most insane movie stunts ever.

Speaking in an IGN video feature, the Hong Kong movie star discussed how he pulled off the Police Story lightbulb and pole stunt.

In the stunt, Chan is seen leaping from the top floor of the inside of a shopping mall and sliding down a pole, smashing a string of decorative lightbulbs that are suspended from the roof to the floor.

Chan reveals in the video that whilst filming and directing Police Story, he had two movies on the go. “In the daytime I was filming Heart Of Dragon and in the night time, I was directing my own things.”

Discussing the stunt, Chan said, “before I jumped, the lighting guy said ‘sorry the battery won’t light up the whole thing, we have to use the building’s battery'”. Chan expressed his fear that he may get shocked but the response was, “don’t worry, we’ll watch you, if anything happens, we’ll shut off the lights.”

Chan added that despite the drop, there was no proper safe landing gear. The crew instead used “a small prop car” with “millions of candy” to break his fall.

“I was really scared,” Chan said as he recalled standing on the ledge, “I’m an ordinary person, I’m not Superman.”

“I think, ‘I’m gonna die’,” Chan admitted.

After the stunt, Chan’s skin was peeling but nonetheless went for a beer to celebrate before heading to shoot Heart Of Dragon later that night. However, he struggled to even open the door as “all [his] energy was gone”.

In other news, Jackie Chan recently confirmed that Rush Hour 4 will happen if Chris Tucker agrees.