"They didn't even properly announce it though!"

K-Pop group BTS picked up their first Teen Choice Award but fans of the group weren’t happy with the ceremony.

Fans of the South Korean group voted for BTS to take home the award but were disappointed after the awards show failed to present them with proper recognition.

BTS’s win was announced in closing minutes of the 2-hour show by Bella Thorne. Almost immediately after, Thorne followed the announcement by revealing that Lisa Kosh and Logan Paul each won awards for Choice Web Star.

Not even a picture of BTS was shown.

Predictably, the K-pop’s global fan base weren’t happy.“Yeah i wait the whole time just to see that they didn’t announced bts properly so disappointed,” wrote one angered fan on Twitter.

“They didn’t even played one of their songs or showed a video/pic,” another wrote.

Whilst it is unclear whether any members of the band actually attended the ceremony, BTS’s lack of recognition clearly hasn’t gone down well in any case.

“I think since bts was wasn’t there, there were no kpop fans. But either way they should’ve done a better job during the announcement,” wrote one fan.

The group is currently preparing for their comeback in September whilst releasing hints at the story of their new Love Yourself series.