The man claimed to be related to the commissioner of the FDNY

Two Asian women were harassed on a train in New York by a man who told one of them to “shut the fuck up you stupid chink.”

The incident was reported by Ariana Bian through her Facebook account. In her post, she explained that she was on her commute home with her friend Court Nah when the two encountered the man.

“He told me to “shut the fuck up you stupid chink” and continued to antagonize us from the woodside to bayside stop,” Bian recounts.

The man then asked the pair if they even worked, bragging that he makes $200k. He also claimed that his father in-law is the commissioner of the FDNY.

Bian said she she would be filing a police report as well as reporting him to his employer.

Updating the post, Bian thanked everyone for their support and revealed that the man may be a member of the NYC Ironworkers. She also revealed that the man was not related to the FDNY. Department spokesman Frank Gribbon commented on the post that the man was “not related to Commisioner Nigro and the Fire Department finds the comments you cite, if true, to be reprehensible.”

Lori L. Nigro Quinn, the commissioner’s daughter also commented on the Bayside, Queens public Facebook group saying that the man is “NOT my husband nor is he my sister’s husband. We are not related to this individual nor do we even recognize him. It is disgraceful that this incident occurred. Truly unacceptable.”

Bian goes on to express her empathy for working 12+ hour days and wanting quiet on the commute home. However, she also believes that if the man felt that she was speaking too loudly, he should have calmly told her to be quieter instead of resorting to racial slurs.