Salt Lake City -> Las Vegas -> Los Angeles -> San Fransisco

The team at Resonate will be visiting the USA for two months starting next week!

Whilst the trip will be purely one of leisure, we are keen to meet all of those who we’ve had the pleasure of writing with/interviewing/talking to over the past year. As the majority of our content is consumed out in the USA, it’d be great to chat more to our followers and local communities to see how you think we can build upon our site when we return to the UK.

As British born East Asians, we naturally sympathise with many of the issues our American writers have addressed but as we are cemented in the UK, many of the issues don’t reach our shores. Although we won’t be working in the USA, it’d great to discuss these issues with as many people as we can whilst we are out there.

If you’re keen to meet us, please drop us a message to and we’ll ensure that put time aside to catch up with you!

Our dates are as follows:

April 5-6: Salt Lake City
April 6-8: Las Vegas
April 8-30: Los Angeles
May 1-17: San Francisco
May 18-30: Los Angeles