The team stuck by the Honorary Oscar winner through all the movies and adventures

An incredibly moving tribute video created by Jackie Chan‘s stunt team has reduced the kung fu master and his fans to tears.

The 62-year-old actor who recently won an Honorary Oscar at the Governors Awards, was presented with another commemoration of his achievements.

Having created more than 200 films in 56 years, Jackie Chan is known and loved for his formidable martial arts, daredevil stunts and comedic genius. For many, Chan’s Oscar was long overdue. Tom Hanks praised the actor at the Oscars event, calling him “Jackie ‘Chantastic’ Chan”.

During his short acceptance speech, Chan joked about his “many broken bones” over the years and thanked his family, fans and “brothers” from his Jackie Chan Stunt Team, which he mentioned was celebrating its 40 year anniversary.

Now, his stunt team has returned the thanks in the most moving way possible. In a video posted to Facebook, Chan is seen on stage surrounded by his Jackie Chan Stunt Team “brothers”. Chan is presented with a video created by the team that reflects on their experience with him.

Each team member shared personal stories of how Jackie contributed to their lives and treated them like family. “I hope he lives a hundred years, that way he can take care of all the brothers a hundred years,” one of them said.

As the video tribute comes to an end, a very moved and humbled Chan is lost for words. Trying to keep himself composed, Chan shares his reflection on his work with the team, “for forty years we’ve been through the thick and thin”.

“The Oscar is shared among us”, Chan adds. “The JC Stunt Team has grown through seven generations. You see us getting old. I too am getting old.”

Chan then breaks down into tears as his fellow stunt team proudly call him “brother”.

It’s a truly touching video that is guaranteed to reduce any Jackie Chan fan to tears.