The contract states that the workers are not to have sex with or marry Israelis

Chinese workers of a company in Israel have been forced to sign a no-sex contract.

According to the Guardian, the workers were forced to agree not to have sex with or marry Israelis as one of the conditions of getting the job.

Police spokesman Rafi Yaffe said that under the contract, male workers may not have sex with Israeli women, including prostitutes. Yaffe added that there was nothing illegal about this requirement and no investigation has been opened.

However, an anonymous Isreali lawyer said the contract could be challenged in court despite its legality. “The point is that a Chinese worker will agree to anything and then will not have anyone to help them if there is a problem,” he said.

The contract also forbids Chinese workers from engaging in any religious or political activity. Failure to adhere to the contract could risk being sent back to China at their own expense.

The Guardian states that 260,000 foreigners work in Israel and more than half the workers are illegal. Isreali police have attempted to increase efforts to deport those working illegally as a result of rising Isreali unemployment – 11%.

Foreign workers who also come from Thailand, the Philippines and Romania claim to be subjected to slave conditions whilst their employers confiscate their passports and refuse to pay them.