The Changchun flower shop helped the man to craft the unique bouquet

A boyfriend in China has given a bouquet of cash amounting to 10,000 RBM to his girlfriend.

According to Shanghaiist, the man had visited a flower shop in Changchun, Jilin province to have his bouquet of crisp banknotes made. The boyfriend said he wanted to present his girlfriend with a “real gift” to start off the Year of the Rooster.

Pictures of his bouquet made their way onto Chinese social media, with many users supporting his gift idea. “This is a much more practical gift than a bouquet of flowers. In a few days, those flowers would wither and die,” one web user wrote.

“This way you have to unwrap the bills one by one. It’s too much effort. It would have been better to just give her the money, and then one flower,” said another user.

NextShark reports that others critiqued the present, saying that relationships are becoming more materialistic.