Brands include Jissbon, Okamoto, True SEX, Sixsex and more

32.3% of imported condom brands including in China including Jissbon and Okamoto have failed to pass quality tests

Out of 133 batches of imported condoms checked, 43 failed to pass China’s quality test.

According to SCMP, the results were announced by the General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine.

The condoms that failed to pass the test were imported from six countries, but mostly came from Malaysia and Thailand. Over 30 brands had come from the two countries. These brands included Okamoto, Jissbon, Sixsex, Elasun and Donless.

Lab tests revealed that almost half of all the condoms examined failed the inspection’s burst test or failed to have proper labelling of its manufacturers and distributors.

The burst test measures the consistency of the condom’s latex. The test measures the amount of air blown into the condom without it bursting. 7% of the faulty condoms had holes.

What’s On Weibo added that other brands which failed the condom quality test were Nox, One Topeak and True Sex. Okamoto also produces Rilakkuma Honey Condoms – Japanese kawaii condoms that look more like candy than conventional condoms.

Weibo users were quick to react to the news, “This makes me nervous,” some netizens said, mentioning the risk of unwanted pregnancy and STDs.

Other users criticised the report for not being informative enough, with many wondering which brands are safe, “Is Durex still ok?”, some asked.

“You first make me buy these condoms for a long time, and now you’re saying they’re not safe, what is this supposed to mean?”, one man from Jiangxi said.

Some netizens found the funny side of the news, “Foreigners are secretly contributing to China’s ‘Two Child Policy’,” they said.