From food to Zodiac animals to traditions, are you ready to celebrate CNY 2017?

To welcome in Chinese New Year 2017, we are putting you to the test to make sure your knowledge of the Spring Festival is faultless.

Chinese New Year is one of China’s biggest celebrations and as a result, its festivities are shared around the world. Ubiquitous red lanterns hover over joyful Chinatowns. Streets are filled with the aromas of Chinese cooking. Parades and stage performances are held to celebrate Chinese culture, culminating in incredible spectacles in any city across the world worth their salt. Indeed, whether you’re in Beijing or in London, you’ll have a hard time forgetting it’s Chinese New Year this weekend!

Nonetheless, how much do you actually know about the annual celebration? How well do you know your Zodiac animals? Are you clued up on your suspicious and auspicious Chinese beliefs? Test your knowledge with our Chinese New Year quiz!