Local government official Council Speaker Tung Hsiang died last month age 76

The funeral for Taiwan politician Tung Hsiang featured 50 pole dancers.

A video of the funeral procession that took place in the southern city of Chiayi showed skimpily-clad women dancing on top of jeeps.

Council Speaker Tung Hsiang died in December age 76. The local government official’s family wanted to honour Mr tung who loved “having a lively fun time”. His brother, Tung Mao-hsiung said, “he told us he wanted this through a dream two days before the funeral.”

The procession featured a convoy of colourful jeeps, loud music, a drumming troupe, marching band and performers.

Videos of the procession have been spread around Chinese social media sites since the funeral on Tuesday. “Now this is what I call a funeral!” said one user, while another wrote: “Looks like when it comes to funeral matters, Taiwan still comes first.” “This is what it means to be the ‘people’s councillor’!” said one netizen.

The 50 female dancers are part of Taiwan’s EFC industry. EFC or Electric Flower Cars AKA Electric Festooned Cars are  “mobile stages that carry performers who sing, dance, bump, and grind as they accompany the dead during the last rites and in procession to the graveyard”.

This phenomenon of featuring dancers and strippers at Chinese funerals has long been a tradition and has attracted international attention since the 1990s. These erotic funerals are considered status symbols and account for one-third of 2000 burial rites in Taiwan each week.