'Zouk Changsha' uses the same logo and uses DJ Mag's ranking as top global club

Fake versions of famous Singaporean nightclub Zouk can be found in China and Indonesia.

Singapore’s nightclub Zouk is a must for partygoers in Asia. Attracting some of the biggest DJs around the world, Zouk’s reputation as one of the best clubs in Asia is certainly formidable.

Now, partygoers seeking to replicate the Zouk experience can venture to China or Indonesia, where counterfeit Zouks can be found.

The capital city of China’s Hunan province, Changsha, is home to one such Zouk, commonly known as Zouk Changsha. Its posters feature the original Zouk logo and even includes DJ Mag’s ranking as one of the top global clubs.

Because the club carries the Zouk name, the Changsha counterfeit even manages to draw in famous DJs from around the world. South Korea’s Jangil Han AKA Reverse Prime claimed he wasn’t aware that Zouk Changsha wasn’t officially part of the Singapore brand when he performed in August 2016.

“How could I know (if it was) real or fake?” he said, adding that it would concern him if he wasn’t part of an official Zouk event. Han was convinced that the Changsha counterfeit was authentic because famous artists such as DJ from Mars and Tenishia had performed there too.

Zouk Singapore that owns the Zouk trademark in China has since filed a complaint with authorities in Changsha, which has now changed its name to ‘Zook’.

In Indonesia, Gili Islands a lounge and bar that sports the name Zouk can be found. The owner of the Zouk counterfeit has taken down the Facebook posts promoting the lounge after Zouk Singapore filed a complaint.