"Get out and go back to communist land"

Leaflets in support of Trump that read “job stealing ching chongs get out and go back to communist land” have surfaced on social media and people aren’t happy.

The image was uploaded by Instagram and Facebook user Patrick Michael Strange. Strange captioned his Instagram post, “Placed on a friend’s car amongst others. Day 2 in #trumpsamerica #hate #whathatelookslike” with accompanying Facebook post, “Placed on a friend’s car amongst others. Day 2 in #trumpsamerica #hate #whathatelookslike”.

Whilst the authenticity of the posters are yet to be verified, social media users have responded in dismay. Instagram user Brain Washington commented, “Unbelievable. Unacceptable.” Facebook user Christopher C. Cheng wrote, “its started….the racism war has started already and pretty soon all hell is going to break out into violence”.

When questioned about the legitimacy of Strange’s friend’s picture and whether he can be trusted, Strange replied, “I do. From his original post: And the idiocy continues. I found this bullshit all over my car as well as the other Asian employees who aren’t even Chinese. We told the boss. He’s making sure we’re safe heading down to the garage and telling our landlord’s security to keep an eye out. But like I said before, I’m not letting fear and hate take over. Im still gonna live my life how I always have and there isn’t anything racists can do to stop me.”

Placed on a friend’s car amongst others. Day 2 in #trumpsamerica #hate #whathatelookslike

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