Calvin Wong wants the video game developers to donate $1000 for every racist Tweet he received

Twitter user Calvin Wong has slammed EA Sports after he received threats and racist remarks as a result of him being included in FIFA 17’s Journey Mode.

FIFA 17’s Journey Mode is a new addition to the FIFA franchise and has been warmly welcomed by FIFA fans. The new mode takes players on a ‘journey’ by playing out the storyline of fictional Alex Hunter as he rises from a local footballing amateur to a signed professional.

In the ‘journey’ a social media section is emulated, reflecting on your performance after each game. This social media section features Twitter handles, which were presumably as fictional as Hunter himself.

However, one Twitter user noticed his username appearing on the emulated feed and was not happy.

Calvin Wong, a director at Cartoon Network tweeted a screenshot of the game and sent it to EA Sports directly with the caption, “Hey assholes, please don’t use real twitter accounts in your dumb game, k thx”

After receiving no response from the gaming developers, he tweeted the company five more times.

Eventually, Wong received a response from EA Sports but was not entirely satisfied, suggesting to the company that they donate $1000 to Advancing Justice LA (AAAJ).