OFF-KAi!! is located in Akihabara, the Japanese Capital’s anime and electronics district

OFF-KAi!!, an Anime themed hair salon has opened its doors for business in Tokyo.

The salon offers a wide range of anime-style colorings and merchandise.

In spring, a group of hairstylists launched a crowdfunding campaign to open the hair salon. The project was successful, raising more than double its target of ¥300,000.

OFF-KAi!! officially opened its doors on 1 October.

“Off kai” is a recently coined Japanese phrase that references friends getting together who would otherwise primarily interact online. The salon’s employees are all genuine anime fans, offering a welcoming atmosphere. The interior is lined with Anime posters and its shelves are filled with manga. The salon even has a projection screen that you can watch whilst you get your hair washed.

However, OFF-KAi!! is still primarily a legitimate hair salon with professional hairdressers. Nonetheless, the hairdressers have incorporated anime influences in their hairdressing, providing customers with the option with a rainbow range of shades to dye their hair.

Prices start at ¥5,400, which is the going rate for a fashionable hair salon in downtown Tokyo.