"It's good to be home"

An Indonesian student, Hadi, has filmed himself surprising his parents after 3 years away from home and losing 45 lb.

Hadi explains that he did not have a chance to fly home to Indonesia whilst he was studying at university in the UK.

“The first year and second year are fine, but when it goes into the third year, I really, really miss home, I really really miss my family.”

He goes on to say that he has not informed his family about his return and hopes to surprise them. He adds that he looks physically different to the last time they saw him, after having lost 20kg. The only member of his family who knows about his return is his brother, who helped him to orchestrate the surprise.

After Hadi’s arrival, his brother arranges for a casual family meet up at a restaurant. Unbeknownst to them, Hadi is sitting in the table next to them. There is some deliberation about his resemblance to Hadi, but whilst his mother seems to astutely believe it might be him, his father instantly dismisses him as “more good looking” than Hadi.

When his father leaves the table, Hadi comes over to reveal his identity and embrace his mother. It’s a truly touching moment. It gets even better, as the whole family once again prank the unsuspecting father when he returns to the table, who is adamant that the person next to them is not his son.

It all ends happily, however, and this touching video reminds us about the invaluable importance of family.