Colonel Sanders would have turned 126 on 9 September 2016

KFC Japan will be celebrating Colonel Sander’s birthday by offering its customers an all-you-can-eat deal.

Last year, KFC Japan offered an all-you-can-eat deal for the first time, for one day only. This year, the international fast food franchise will offer unlimited chicken every Wednesday between 13 July and 31 August across participating restaurants in Japan.

1,380 yen (US$13.40), or 980 yen for children elementary-school-age or younger will get you three pieces of original recipe chicken, a biscuit, a small order of French fries, and a medium soft drink, plus as many refills of each component as you’d like for 45 minutes. The meal itself would otherwise cost 1,340 yen, so the all-you-can eat deal is certainly a bargain.


RocketNews24‘s reporter PK Sanjun maxed out at 15 pieces of chicken, which would have cost him 3,750 yen. However, food champion Matt Stonie easily plowed through a 20 piece KFC bucket in under 15 minutes, so it’s really up to the individual to make the most of this one-off offer.

207 branches across KFC will be participating in the unlimited fried chicken feast, but the all-you-can-eat offer is available only by prior reservation.

Towards the end of last year, Japan opened a KFC buffet restaurant in Osaka in the same location of the very first KFC that opened in Osaka in 1970. Prices range from 1,880 to 2,480 yen, depending on what time you decide to eat there. Customers have 90 minutes to finish their meal.