Stand-up comedian, Yurko Kotani explains what life is like as a Japanese living in Britain, and it’s hilarious.

The comedian begins her sketch discussing Britain’s transport system and its rather lacklustre approach to time management. She mocks a train poster that seems to boast its efficiency, but actually displays its inefficiency; Kotani wittily addresses this as a “confession” by the train company.

Kotani then proceeds to mock the use of ‘-ish’ as a suffix used by the British to imply ambiguity when discussing the time. When the comedian applies a similar attitude in Japan, the results are priceless.

Kotani’s set showcases the beauty of culture differences and her example of time management is one of many that separates British and Japanese culture. It’s fantastic to see someone holding up a mirror to this culture clash. By addressing this culture clash humorously, Kotani demonstrates that comedy can reunite cultures to overcome their incompatibilities.

Perhaps, we all need to just have a laugh about our differences to advance together.