"We will stop the discrimination and racism"

Members of BTS have discussed discrimination towards Asians around the globe.

Despite their global presence, the kpop group said discrimination is still visible to them.

“We feel very heavy and responsible. As Asians for the past year, our path all over the world….sometimes we truly felt the walls and the walls can be always described as words,” RM said to ABC7.

“Sometimes it’s visible. Sometimes it’s really invisible and sensitive.”

The singer added that the group is attempting to make their own strides in combatting racism with their hugely successful career.

“When we talk about Asian hate, our path are these awards and our music,” he said. “We just hope this can help every Asian in the world.”

RM then went on to offer support to the wider Asian community.

“If there is something we can help or that we could be giving consolations we are always open,” he said. “We will stop the discrimination and racism.”