Featuring a Tang Yuan rice ball

9 to 5 Toys reports that LEGO has revealed its Chinese New Year Kit 2021.

The new kits feature four new sets: ‘Spring Lantern Festival’, ‘Story of Nian’, ‘Monkie Kid’s Team Quadcopter’ and ‘Happy Childhood Moments’.

‘Spring Lantern Festival’ attempts to recreate the magic of the lunar new year’s celebrations. Featuring a brick-built Chinese garden, moon gates, a pond and even a special ox lantern to commemorate the new animal.

Even a LEGO Tang Yuan rice ball is included.

‘Story of Nian’ aims to inspire Children about Chinese traditions. The set includes a Chinese home with traditional decorations as well as a Nian creature and family members. One character is seen in an ox costume.

‘Monkie Kid’s Team Quadcopter’ is inspired by the centuries-old Chinese legends of The Monkey King and The Journey to the West.

Combining futuristic fantasy elements with traditional Chinese themes, the set includes a the Monkie Kid’s team of heroes, quadcopter and Spider Queen enemies.

‘Happy Childhood Moments’ represents Chinese New Year in a kindergarten setting and uses DUPLO rather than LEGO. The set aims to help parents teach their children about Chinese New Year.