CNN has come under fire for stating that Singapore is “not a country” in one of its articles regarding Coronavirus.

According to Mothership, the CNN article in question published on 7 October was titled ‘Trump’s erratic behavior ignores worsening pandemic and its victims’.

The article presented a list of “key countries” that reported fewer new cases of Covid-19 than the White House in 24 hours.

Mongolia, New Zealand, Dijbouti and Vietnam were just a few of the countries listed.

Singapore was mentioned at the bottom of the list with 7 cases, but written next to it was (*Not a country*). The Asian city-state is the second most densely populated country in the world, after Monaco.

There are only three city-states in the world: Singapore, Monaco and Vatican City.

CNN also misspelled Papua New Guinea as “Papau New Guinea”.

Twitter users have since expressed their dismay at the article.

“Why is Singapore not a country? I need to know who my new masters are!” Wrote one tweeter.

“Ummm…. @cnn @stcollinson Singapore is most definitely a country,” wrote another. “We expect better from you…”

“Not sure which I find more amusing, that there’s a list of countries with fewer cases of Coronavirus than the White House, or that someone at CNN thinks Singapore is “Not a country.”” Another tweeted.

In other news, British network has ITV released a drama titled The Singapore Grip with a majority white cast.