"Chinese culture is kept alive thousands of miles from home"

A campaign is hoping to save the London Chinese Community Centre (CCC) by raising funds.

In an event titled ‘Save the CCC so we can continue our good work’ on the CCC’s website, the organisation has created a Just Giving page to save itself.

“The purpose of the London Chinese Community Centre is to improve the quality of life and well-being of the Chinese community, focusing upon preserving Chinese culture, arts and identity, particularly those who are disadvantaged and vulnerable,” the organisation writes.

“Being elderly and infirm comes to us all eventually, we can plan, we can save money if we can, but in the end we are reliant upon others,” the organisation continues.

“Chinese families usually have strong support structures, but not all are so lucky, some slip through the net, they become isolated and in turn vulnerable. The CCC is that net, we are there for advice, a friendly ear even a hot meal shared with others. Chinese culture is kept alive thousands of miles from home and in sharing that culture we hope to reach out to others and create understanding.”

CCC is looking to raise £70,000 but at the time of writing only £3,259 has currently been donated.

Instagrammer Celestial Peach is also supporting the cause by donating 100% of profits generated from her ‘Congee Lovers Unite’ T-shirt range to the CCC and Trussell Trust.

In other news, a British Airways cabin crew stewardess complained of “starving” after she given a congee menu whilst quarantined in Hong Kong.