Under half of American adults said they would get a government-approved coronavirus vaccine

Asian Americans are the only ethnic group which has a majority willing to get a government-approved Coronavirus vaccine.

Data from the NBC News|SurveyMonkey Weekly Tracking Poll shows that under half of American adults said they would get a vaccine for the virus if one becomes available.

Only 44% of American adults said they would actually get the vaccine. 22% said they would not get vaccinated whilst 32% said they were not sure.

However, 59% of Asian American adults said they would take a government-approved vaccine. Only 8% said they would not. 27% said they are currently unsure.

Conversely, just 48% of caucasian adults have committed to the vaccination. 22% are against it and 29% expressed uncertainty.

In the black community, 24% said they would get the vaccine, 31% said no to it and 42% said they are unsure.

Hispanic Americans displayed similar numbers: 40%, 22% and 35% respectively.

The survey was conducted between 10 and 16 August 2020 among a national sample of 34,269 adults in the U.S. Respondents selected from over 2 million people.

In related news, NYPD has announced the creation of an Asian Hate Crime Task Force to combat Coronavirus racism