The stripped back track serves as the perfect escapism during this time

London-based singer Fifi Rong has shared a new track titled ‘Distance’ amid the Coronavirus self-isolation period.

As the UK’s capital is currently in an indefinite self-isolation period due to Covid-19, many Londoners are working from home.

Rong has channelled her energy into creating a new music, with her latest track “hoping to offer some comfort for those who are suffering from the emotional effects of being apart from love ones due to self-isolation.”

‘Distance’ serves as escapism from lockdown through its stripped-down feel and gentle guitar textures.

The British Chinese singer also created a DIY video in her backyard for the brand new track.

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‘Distance’ is available tomorrow across all major streaming services.

Earlier this year, Rong released a three-chapter 12 minute ballad for Valentines Day.