Liu once claimed to have had sex with a ghost

Pink News reports that Lucy Liu has been making erotic lesbian art, which currently sells for up to $50,000.

Liu is a veteran in not only the Asian American acting community but also in Hollywood itself. To commend her career, which includes Kill Bill, Charlie’s Angels and Chicago, Liu was recently awarded her own Hollywood Walk Of Fame star.

However, Liu is also one who doesn’t shy away from her creative side. Unbeknownst to many, the 50-year-old actress paints erotic art in her free time. Although for some, this may not be a surprise – after all, she did once claim to have had sex with a ghost, which she described as “sheer bliss”.

The Asian American actress began making her art as a teenager. Her first show, held in 1993 under her Chinese name Yu Ling, featured a photography series of a pro-choice march in Washington.

From sculptures and collages to embroidery and paintings, Liu expressed herself through a variety of art mediums.

In one painting series titled ‘Shunga’, Liu somewhat graphically paints two women making love.

The actress said her experience as a first-generation immigrant inspired her art.

“When I see something on the ground, I always feel badly for those items because they feel like they once had a purpose, once had a home, and they were no longer being utilised, they were disregarded. Something about that resonates with me,” Liu said to Artsy.

According to THR, Liu’s pieces generally sell for between $10,000 and $50,000.