Li's flat was filled with dog faeces, rotten food and rubbish

Business Insider reports that a Chinese influencer has been shamed by her landlord who exposed her dirty flat.

Lisa Li has over 1.1 million followers on Weibo, on which she portrays a clean, lavish and glamorous lifestyle.

Li had rented an apartment in Xi’an China but failed to return calls from her landlord regarding the filth left in the flat. The landlord, named Chen, posted a video of the disgusting flat and shared it online.

In the clip, unwashed dishes, dog faeces, rotting food and a filthy cage is seen in the apartment.

Chen claimed that even professional cleaners refused to touch the flat due to the level of filth. The landlord also claimed that Li had several unpaid utility bills totalling up to 3,000 yuan.

Li, who Chen described as a “beautiful woman” online but a “disgusting” person in her personal life, cleaned the apartment after she was shamed by the landlord.

The 23-year-old vlogger uploaded a video of her meeting with Chen, apologizing and cleaning the apartment herself. She is seen shaking Chen’s hand and telling her, “complete responsibility lies with me on this incident.”

“I will clean now … I will even clean overnight,” she told one outlet.